Why should we use Firefox Nightly?




Well, you might heard of a FAMOUS Nightly build called “Firefox Nightly”. Or you might have not. This article suits if you do not have any idea what the Nightly version does. Let’s get started.

Personally, I like Firefox because,

  • It protects user’s privacy as it is open source and the community verifies it everyday.
  • One of the most stable browsers on the planet.
  • It has a good balance on performance and the resource usage.
  • Good for developers.
  • No background processes running. Which will improve the idle CPU performance.


“Nightly” edition is a nightly build which Firefox builds each day. It is the future version of Firefox. It  contains the latest features and the latest improvements and bug fixes. When comes to the features, as it has the latest features which is about to be released in a future stable release, the developers who test the websites could make their website future proof in terms of browser compatibility. Latest improvements and bug fixes are a great way to eliminate the minor bugs which has existed in a stable release. But it comes with a cost. It has the latest bugs as well :D. Happy now ??? :P.  By testing the latest features you might discover new bugs along that journey, which means you are contributing to the global Firefox community even though you are not coding; which will ultimately helps to build the stable version which will be released after 3 months. And I have tested the Nightly version in the Windows 10 since three weeks. I have to update Firefox two times a day. It is not a hassle as it takes around 10MBs and 30seconds. And I did not find any bugs or stability issues so far. Which further dictates it is much stable from the least unstable release.


How it differs from Chrome?

Chrome is owned and developed by Google inc. Which is not having a good profile when it comes to the user’s privacy. Would you trust Google? And especially when using a web browser, the user has to aware about the fact that his all inputs can be read by the browser; no matter what they state in the privacy policy. Chrome is not an opensource project. It is powered by open source Chromium project, but Chrome browser is not opensource from itself. Can you trust a browser which claims that it will protect you and do not provide the source code to the public? No. Since Firefox is opensource,  it is easy to verify the build which claims to comply with its privacy policy. And Chrome is good at page loading time. However, Chrome fails to handle the resource management as it has background processes which runs even though it has been closed. It really annoys and not good for old computers which has low amount of ram.  I have used to be a Chrome lover when it was firstly released. After couple of years, it has added unnecessary background processes which slows the down the computer. It is an unneeded addition to an already good browser.

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